Prepare and teach 15-credit hours of world language (Spanish) courses per semester, some of which will be online. Remain current in the discipline, collaborate closely with discipline coordinators and colleagues, implement innovative instructional technology techniques and participate in developing and evaluating courses that include thematic, content-based curricula. Collaborate effectively with colleagues across disciplines, college support staff, student groups, and community organizations. Participate in college committees and projects, and seek continuous professional development in teaching methodologies and practices.

Minimum Requirements:Master’s degree in a world language (Spanish) or a related field, such as Applied Linguistics or Education.  Spanish fluency and expertise, and experience teaching college-level Spanish courses, both face-to-face, blended, and online.  Strong written communication skills, and the ability to communicate effectively in a diverse workplace.  Experience with instructional technology and classroom materials development. Strong evidence of effective and creative approaches to instruction.  Evidence of an effective, creative, and communicative student-centered approach to language instruction that integrates cultural and sociopolitical aspects of language.

Community college teaching experience and experience teaching at least one other language offered at CCBC: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, or Russian.