Essential Duties:

  1. Teach and contribute to students’ academic growth and development
    1. Teaching, which includes but is not limited to the following:
      1. Organize course presentations through short-term and long-range lesson plans
      2. Provide regular and timely assessment of student progress
      3. Utilize resources, including technological resources, to provide current course content
      4. Conduct classroom presentations and activities
      5. Incorporate new methodologies in teaching and technology into classes
      6. Participate in program assessment and catalog revisions
    2. Advising Students, which includes but is not limited to the following:
      1. Help students plan programs of study
      2. Provide students with advice on academic issues and career counseling
      3. Assist in the development, implementation, and assessment of the departmental enrollment management plan, including serving directly in student recruitment, retention, and success strategies
      4. Schedule and maintain regular office hours for student advising
      5. Establish and maintain regular contact with advisees
  2. Continual preparation and study through scholarly and creative activity, which includes but is not limited to the following:
    1. Participate in academic organizations related to teaching assignment
    2. Give scholarly presentations, workshops or performances
    3. Produce scholarly materials such as original research, manuscripts, articles, book reviews, musical arrangements, or works of art
    4. Engage in appropriate professional development to enhance performance as faculty member
    5. Seek external funding through grant and contract work related to discipline, as appropriate and assigned
  3. Service to the Campus and Community, and Profession
    1. Participate in campus and community presentations
    2. Participate in campus and community organizations
    3. Serve on Discipline-, Department-, School- and Campus-wide committees
    4. Take an active role in discipline, departmental, and school accreditation and reaccreditation activities, as appropriate and as assigned
    5. Sponsor student organizations, as appropriate and assigned
    6. Contribute to professional organizations
    7. Foster and sustain collegial relations with campus, community and profession

Secondary Duties:

  1. Other duties as assigned by Dean

Required Qualifications:Ph.D. in Philosophy in hand by start of employment, with an area of specialization in Ethics, Applied Ethics, Political Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy, Philosophy of Race, Philosophy of Social Science, or Philosophy of Law.

The ability to teach a 4/4 load of upper- and lower-division classes in the College’s Essential Studies Program (our general education program) and within the Department of Justice Studies, Social Sciences, and English, which has a Philosophy minor, but no major. These classes will include Introduction to Philosophy, Symbolic Logic, Ethics, Biomedical Ethics, and Environmental Ethics. The successful candidate will also be able to develop and teach interdisciplinary classes as either First-Year Inquiry (FYI) or Capstone classes in Essential Studies and to work in an interdisciplinary way within the department and with programs across campus.

Experience in teaching and in research/scholarship

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Other advanced degrees in Humanities or English or Law or Social Science
  • Areas of competence in any of the possible areas of specialization listed above
  • Experience in effectively using technology to facilitate student learning and to expand student access